15.04.2016 Twitterview: Harriet Davies, Communications Manager

The rules are simple: 13 questions, 140 characters to respond. Up this month is Harriet Davies, our Communications Manager.

Bio – PR professional, honourary Welsh woman, fan of cooking, eating and visiting far-flung parts of the world. Budding life enthusiast.

Best thing about your job? Not a single day is ever the same as the last – no such thing as monotony as a comms manager at Brighter Comms!

Your desert island disc? Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones – such a life anthem and gives me shivers every time I hear it.

Your desert island book? The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy…brilliant character development and nail-biting tension with every page.

What’s your free time treat? A glass of wine, PJs and a wartime drama is pure escapism for me – close second is a long afternoon pub session with friends.

Favourite place? Abereiddy Beach next to The Blue Lagoon in Pembrokeshire – it was almost completely washed away in storms last year but it’s still beautiful

Pet hate? Negativity without a purpose. And ironing.

What makes you smile? Realising everything I’m lucky enough to have, and watching my tortoise eat banana.

Words of wisdom? Worrying about things without taking any action is the most painful waste of time.

Favourite place to eat? The hawker markets in Malaysia – the best and cheapest fast food I have ever tried and fascinating for people watching.

Guilty pleasure? Snow gets me so excited, like a child. Every winter I go hunting for it on the Brecon Beacons just so I can run around and make snow angels.

A secret you don’t mind sharing? I really, really want to be in a period drama. I loved acting at school and the dream has never left me. 

What couldn’t you live without? The freedom to take a break from everything and have a rest whenever I really need it – something I always take for granted