We’ll cut to the chase. Here’s what makes us different:



Intelligent Creativity

At the heart of our approach is intelligent creativity. In short, we look carefully at the bigger picture before we come up with a solution. All of our creative thinking is aligned with your objectives, and driven by your needs.

Going for goal

We have an ever-evolving myriad of communication techniques and channels at our fingertips, and we make it our business to master and use each one appropriately. But this is always with a clear aim; to achieve commercial and marketing goals we can measure.

“The project was delivered on time and within budget, and it really helped to work with an expert team when taking our first steps into social media. As a result visitors to our website doubled and we saw more than 1,500 competition entries. It was a great way for us to launch ourselves into social media” – Sarah Cleevely, Marketing Manager, Nolan Windows.

Uncompromising excellence

We work hard and smart for you and never take the easy route to save time. We have an uncompromising approach to excellence. [/one_third] [one_third]

Masters of high-quality content

We use our multi-media journalism experience not only to identify what key themes and topics will be on the news agenda, but to ‘create’ news coverage and blog/online content opportunities for you. We don’t believe in issuing bland, unsolicited press releases. As former journalists we know what the media expects from a story and how to generate interest amongst your online audiences, and we strive to get it right every time. This insight is priceless and makes a real difference to the results we achieve. For example, when an estate agent client mentioned to us in passing that they were seeing more people offer above the asking price for rental properties, we created the ‘Welsh rental gazumping crisis’ story package for target press, researching the relevant statistics and securing a case study to illustrate the phenomenon. This resulted in blanket press coverage and a slot on the evening TV news bulletin within days, positioning our client as an industry expert on the Welsh rental market. All of this coverage fed into their website and social media activity. It’s this proactive, joined-up approach and understanding of the DNA of news and good online content that makes us stand out.

“..extremely good at working with journalists, often providing over and above what is expected by getting to know the journalists that influence clients’ target markets and giving them everything they need.”  – Duncan Higgitt, Associate Editor, and former Western Mail features editor [/one_third] [one_third_last]


We believe in treating our clients, suppliers, partner agencies, journalists and bloggers the way we like to be treated. That allows us to build long-term relationships and to grow by word-of-mouth and recommendation.

Industry experts

We know that the best service can only be delivered by industry professionals with substantial strategic and practical experience of the entire range of available communication channels. So that’s precisely what we offer. We don’t let new graduates loose on your valued work, or send in senior people to win the work only for them to promptly disappear. We offer true experts across all disciplines so you get what you pay for. [/one_third_last]