18.04.2016 Why Snapchat is key for designing communications campaigns that appeal to tech-savy teens

Snapchat has surpassed Instagram as the social media platform of choice among teenagers, according to a new study.

The Piper Jaffray Taking Stock With Teens study showed Snapchat is the most important social network for 28 per cent of teens.

Over 6,000 American teens were polled, with an average age of 17. There has been a huge rise in teens that favour Snapchat, as only 19 per cent picked it when they were surveyed in autumn 2015. Interestingly, this means the mobile app has now surpassed Instagram, which took 27 per cent of the vote, compared with 33 per cent last autumn.


Snapchat now has over 100 million daily users, sending 400 million snaps every day, so it’s no surprise that companies are desperate to tap into its young, tech-savvy user base. And it’s not just about getting eyeballs on products; major employers such as bank JP Morgan are using targeted ads and geo-filters to recruit the talent of the future.

Snapchat has been rolling out a range of updates in recent months, designed to make teens spend even more time on the platform. The aim is very much to make the app more of a traditional chat app as well as a way of sharing photos and videos. A new update last week added stickers, like Facebook Messenger, and made it easier to have video and audio calls.

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One thing is for certain; Snapchat is a platform that any brand targeting millennials and Generation Z needs to include in their marketing mix.

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