11.09.2014 Why we are proud to support Cardiff Foodbank

For the past few months we’ve been running something pretty cool here at Cake. Once a week we’ve been hosting a lunch club for our team. Now you probably imagine we’re busy stuffing our faces with eclairs and brownies with a name like ours. NOT TRUE! Most of us are of the ‘our body is a temple’ school of thought, rather than in the ‘body is a bingo hall’ camp.

The idea behind it was to drag us away from lunch ‘al desko’, giving us a chance to get together and enjoy a nutritious meal once a week, while giving something back.

The club was the brainchild of our Agency Manager Ruth, a food blogger and trainee nutritionist. Who better to prep our surprise weekly menus?

At the start of the week we pay our subs of £3.50, a budget stretched as far as possible by Ruth to prepare a healthy, wholesome meal. We’ve enjoyed so many delicious meals, and tried new ingredients, with some of us stepping well outside of our food comfort zones. Crabmeat! Lentils! Feta cheese! A brave new world for some of us.

A lovely by-product of the club is that Ruth worked hard to keep the cost per head as low as possible so that we could use the leftover profits to support Cardiff Foodbank.

While we tucked into our healthy, filling meals we have all been acutely aware of how lucky we are, against the context of a growing need for handouts from foodbanks both in Wales and across the UK.

Food poverty is a serious issue and a growing one, and the stats are beyond sobering. This year, demand for food banks went up by 54% compared with 2013. You may have scanned that statistic, but we would urge you to think hard about what that means. For every two people that needed a foodbank last year, another person joined them this year.  Foodbanks fed 300,000 children last year; mouths that may otherwise have gone hungry.

Now is not the place to go into the reasons why this is the case, but we are united as a team in thinking that this is absolutely not ok.

So we were pleased to be able to visit the Cardiff Foodbank today with 30kg of food purchased from the profits of our lunch club.


We are pleased to be able to support a charity that provides such a worthwhile – yet sadly necessary – service to some of the most vulnerable people in society.

We would like to extend a big virtual thanks from the team to resident wonderwoman Ruth for making it possible (basically, if this was Mad Men she would be Joan. Only even more straight talking…).

You can find out more about Cardiff Foodbank and support their work here.