01.05.2014 Will new Twitter tool help brands “own the moment”?

Timeliness on social media is everything.

When the power went out during the 2013 Super Bowl, one company took swift, decisive action to become the biggest advertising winner of the night. It wasn’t done via a multi-million dollar advertisement, but on Twitter.

That brand was Oreo, who sent a tweet within minutes of the power failing and the game being stopped. The tweet simply said “Power out? No problem” accompanied by simple image of one of the famed biscuits with the words “You can still dunk in the dark”.  Devastatingly simple, it propelled Oreo into the headlines for all the right reasons. Approximately 16,000 people retweeted it, reaching millions of people around the world within minutes.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 17.28.33

And what did this cost Oreo? Nothing, aside from the salaries of the staff members responsible. As a comparison, in 2014, a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl is reportedly going for a cool $4 million.

The lesson? Timeliness beats everything on social. If you can shape your message around a topic or event people are talking about on social media, your message is far more likely to resonate. The more timely your message, the more sticky it becomes. 

Some might say Oreo got lucky – no brand could have planned for a Super Bowl blackout, and their swift action won the day for them. They would have a point. There are some good examples of brands planning for events in advance to great effect. A flash of brilliance came from Dulux, who tweeted a colour chart matching the Damien Hirst-designed gongs being handed out at the Brits 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 18.21.37

It’s easy to see how planning can help ensure timeliness. It may sound counter-intuitive – and there are clearly some things can never be planned for – but a content plan can help make sure you’re making the most of every opportunity to join the big conversations. A clothes boutique or milliner should be planning for Ascot, just as a bar with a big screen should be planning for Eurovision and major sporting events.

So how do you plan for the moment?

Well if you don’t have a content plan in place then, listen up…You need one. We work with clients to develop content plans that create a ‘flow’ of planned updates and tweets, all integrated with marketing strategies of course. These plans leave the flexibility to respond to events and engage with audiences, which is key.

Twitter’s #OwnTheMoment planner

Now, a new development from Twitter has made it easier than ever to plan for the ‘big moments’. It has introduced its own #OwnTheMoment planner to help social media bods target key calendar dates and events. It’s essentially an interactive calendar that tracks key categories including seasonal, TV, sporting, cultural, business and – of course – Twitter. 

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 18.36.14

The planner suggests key dates/events that you may want to use as a hook for tweeting content, and gives you ideas about the type of content you may want to share. It also allows you to setup calendar reminders in Outlook, or download a copy of the calendar in a handy PDF format.

Our verdict?

Team Cake love this planner and we are looking forward to seeing how it develops.

When it comes to ‘owning the moment’ of course, the usual rules of social apply. If you want to stand out and go viral, it’s all about doing something unexpected, creative and memorable.

It’s about great content that captures imaginations – and often the simple ideas are the best. But this new tool from Twitter will at least allow brands to be in the moment to start with. From there it’s over to you….(or your agency. Wink).

See the Twitter #OwnTheMoment Planner